How to become a model

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Many people dream of becoming a model because it is a glamorous and lucrative job. They want to be recognized in the modeling world, but in this industry, the competition is tough and there is a lot of refusal. However, successful models spend their time doing something they enjoy. By knowing what to expect when entering the modeling world, you will be better prepared.

1 Be in good health. Eat healthy foods and drinks and exercise a lot. A healthy body will help you look your best.

  • Fitness is important. Consider working with a trainer who works specifically with models. Let him know what your goals are in the modeling and what you want to look like. Ask him to define a tailor-made training that will help you achieve these goals.
  • Eat healthy. Contrary to what some people will tell you, you should eat healthy foods in healthy amounts. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, good fats and protein should be the staples of your diet. You should avoid sugar, starchy foods, empty carbohydrates and trans fats as much as possible.
  • Consider drinking lots of water. Avoid sodas (even light sodas) and minimize your alcohol consumption

2 Maintain a good appearance . Take special care to appear healthy and with a neat appearance. Your clothes and the way you keep yourself are also important, but above all you should have good habits regarding the vitality of your skin and your hair.

  • Focus on the clarity of your skin and the radiance of your complexion. Wash your face in the morning and in the evening, exfoliate once a week and remember to clean your makeup before going to sleep.
  • Have shiny hair and full of vitality. Some agencies prefer “natural” appearances, so if you prefer minimal maintenance this should be fine too.

3 Adapt your modeling objectives to your body type. Technically, anyone can be a model. However, if you do not meet certain conditions, your work proposals may be incredibly limited and you will have to compensate with other areas (reliability, technique, etc.)  [3] [4] .

  • Large mannequin  : if you have generous and arched forms, you could be a large mannequin.
  • Parade dummy  : most women parading on catwalks are at least 1.73 m tall and usually have small breasts. Men generally measure between 1.80m and 1.90m.
  • Model for magazines  : most women model for magazines measure at least 1.70m, but for this type of model, the most important is to have a beautiful face with a marked personality.
  • Underwear mannequin  : for women, you must have a large chest, but small hips. For men, you need broad shoulders, but small hips.
  • Alternative  models: some agencies use other types of models: those who do not conform to industry standards in terms of beauty, size and weight. In addition, having a specific passion can open doors that would be closed to someone who a priori does not meet usual standards.
  • Other types of modeling  : if you don’t do the trick with these facial or body descriptions, maybe you could be a good model for feet, hair or hands.

4 Consider modeling in situ. If you think the catwalks or magazines are not for you, you could turn to other types of modeling. Some companies use models for special events or to promote specific products. For this kind of service, there are fewer restrictions on your body type and more importance given to your personality.

  • Promotional model  : some companies want customers to be able to interact directly with attractive physical and personality models in order to better promote their brand. You could see such models in supermarkets, at events or in clubs, promoting food, liqueurs or new products.
  • Spokesperson  mannequin: Spokesperson mannequins are hired to be associated with a specific brand. Contrary to what one might think, they do not necessarily need to promote the brand verbally.
  • Commercial mannequin  : this type of mannequin is hired by companies or brands to advertise on a commercial stand. These models are typically not used by the company, but hired as freelance models specifically for the event

5 Consider your look or your “look”. The look you communicate depends on both your body shape and your style. There are many types of looks, from the luscious look of the Californian, the slender and sophisticated look of the New Yorker, child of the European street or the look of everyone. Be aware of what you have, but also try to adopt other looks.

6 Learn about the modeling industry. Learn as much as you can from books, blogs and modeling articles. Read quality guides, articles and books to understand how to improve your most important skills (like how to stand and pose) and better understand how this industry works (for example how to find an agent).

7 Prepare to have a difficult course. The modeling world is full of pretty faces. It is not enough to be beautiful to succeed as a model. It is not enough to have a good appearance to do modeling. You must also meet the needs of specific jobs in order to have your chance. Modeling is reserved for serious people whose look and characteristics are unique. As there are many people who want to become models in the world today, it is very difficult to enter this industry. Success will come with patience and persistence.

8 Do not be shy. You will need to promote yourself and look for opportunities to demonstrate your skills. Staying behind and being “polite” will not help you get what you want. Be yourself, let your personality shine and show that you have confidence in yourself . If you don’t feel confident, at least try to pretend. Modeling also requires acting skills.

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