Komal Sood’s branding shoot by Ipsito Das Published in Telegraph T2

Branding is the most important thing to a fashion designer. It is the only way to place yourself to your customers. Selection of your branding is important as well as the promotion. Branding Master Ipsito Das has successfully promoted Komol Shood the fashion designer as a global brand for all size. Telegraph India covers that branding

How fat is thin? Quite, depending on where you are.

The body positivity movement has made it de rigueur for any self-respecting ramp to be inclusive: to include a plus-size model as part of the show, or devote an entire show to plus-size. A fashion show by Prabal Gurung, the boy from this part of the world who has captivated the Western world, is also an exercise in diversity, of ethnicity, race, gender, body size and body type.

Yet in reality not much has changed. The tyranny of sizes remain. Despite all the political correctness, the mannequin remains the ideal shape for the woman in the fashion world — and outside. The mannequin has been internalised, literally, not only by women in the West, but also in India. The curves that Indian women are celebrated for are now often wished away.

Models here are sent back from shoots for being ‘fat’, which can mean just big-boned or curvy. An Indian woman with an average body, buying clothes off the shelf or online, split between the measurements of ‘XS’, ‘S’, ‘M’, ‘L’ or ‘XL’, often doesn’t know where to fit.


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