Fashion Photography Workshop


Fashion Photography Workshop

Understand Fundamental Photography Techniques and how to use them practically.

| Made for the Passionate Photographer |

Kolkata, India
Mentor: Ipsito Das
Duration: 2 Weekends + Practical 1 Weekend.

  • Develop a very good photographer’s eye. Learn to take artistic compositions.

  • Capture memorable and inspiring shots when you travel to beautiful locations.

  • Learn useful techniques to avoid common problems.

  • Be able to read pictures, and develop a way for self-assessment to capture better photographs.

  • Use camera beyond Auto Mode .

  • Learn Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO and more fundamental.
  • Learn to take beautiful picture through Composition.
  • Landscape, Portrait, and more types Photography.
  • Understanding Post Processing.

The workshop includes 2 full day classroom sessions (weekends) at our training centre in Kolkata and one Commercial Fashion Studio Shoot with models.

Workshop Contents:

  • Understanding Camera fundamentals:
      • Importance of Light. Field of View. Aperture.
        Shutter Speed, ISO, Depth of Field (DOF).
        Understanding Histogram and Exposing correctly.
  • Using Your Camera’s Settings.
  • Lenses, Filters, & More.
  • Photography Composition:
      • Various Compositional Guides like Rule of Thirds,
        Lines and Curves, Framing, Patterns.
      • Achieving right balance in the photograph.
        Capturing with Interesting Angles.
      • Removing Clutter from our Compositions – keeping it clean.
  • Black & White Photography.
  • Abstract, Portraits, & Landscapes Photography.
  • Long Exposure photography.
  • Understanding Lighting and effects of lighting.
  • Color Theory & Organizing Color.
  • Post Processing in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Inspiration from Photography Masters.
  • Analyzing Images.
  • Learning Studio Lights and setup.
  • Practical High-Fashion Shoot with top models in Kolkata.
  • Best Image of the Batch will be published in NewsPaper with photographer Name and Short Bio.
  • All Participants will receive certificate of perticipation.

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Duration: 10 AM to 5 PM

3 Days (Sunday)

Rs 0,000

Total Seat: 12 Numbers.